April 2011

April 1, 2011

Found a 1969 GT6+ on-line at Hacienda Auto Sales in Hacienda Heights California (East L.A.). Red with Black interior. Pictures looked pretty good so I called Franco Martin at the dealership and bought the car. For $5,450.00, sight unseen. Franco turned out to be a very good guy as he fairly accurately described the car and best of all he arranged the shipping from L.A. to my place (in Massachusetts).

April 15, 2011

Got the title and receipt for the car in the mail today. This was a California car (with some papers so it should be pretty “Clean” as far as rust is concerned.

Also, the car was picked up by the transport company in L.A. today. They estimate 7 to 10 days to get it back east.

Started buying some GT6 manuals as I know I’ll need them.

April 23, 2011

The car arrived at my brother-in-laws car dealership in New Bedford, MA today.

April 25, 2011

Went to see the car today. Initial observations are:

  • No obvious rust, car looks clean. Paint looks about 20 years old but in very good shape. This was a high quality paint job back in the day.
  • Exhaust has broken weld at manifold connection – car is loud!!!
  • Engine starts fine but not much power. This is either a fuel or timing thing.
  • Clutch has some slippage. Maybe the rear seal leaking oil ??
  • Gear box seems O.K., no obvious problem in the gear train but linkage seems a little sloppy.
  • Drove car about 10 miles – too noisy to drive home and the power issue is enough to keep me from driving on the highway (a 10 mile stretch from the dealership to my house).
  • Brakes seem fine
  • Most of the electrical works but no turn signals or gauges working
  • Wooden dash is really showing its age !! Needs to be re-finished
  • All glass is in and in good to excellent shape. Wind screen needs a new gasket
  • This car looks like it was a driver up until a couple of years ago. Seems that little & medium problem kept compounding until the last owner decided to throw in the towel.
  • This car will need a lot of work but it is a keeper. Could not believe how rust free the car is.
  • Found old California license plate in back of car from 1982
  • Looks like I’ve found a new best friend. This should be an interesting project. We went through the structural condition at the dealership and consensus is that frame and body are that of a “Survivor” and no need to do a frame-off (unless I just want to paint the frame.

April 26, 2011

Car made it to my house today. The dealership brought it over on a flat bed. Clean off the road dirt from its cross country travel. Looks pretty good.

April 28, 2011

Pulled both seats and all front end carpets. No rust other than a little “Wet carpet rust” in the foot wells. Carpets not so good but useful for templates if needed. Pulled the tranny cover – completely brittle from heat and age. This is a toss away.

Pulled Air filters. Completely clogged, it is amazing that the engine would even run.

Ordered a new Bonnet brace and a bunch of ignition parts.

Found out why the engine power was low. The inboard carb was stuck in the shut position. No fuel was getting through at all.

Removed the carb and cleaned it up, adjusted float and re-installed.

Car is still very noisy (exhaust) but is now running like a GT6 – fast !!! Clutch is slipping