March 2012

March 10, 2012

I received the new Glove boxes today. I decided to "Stiffen them up" as the cardboard is rather flimsy and I know that someday (somehow) they will likely get wet and fall apart quickly. So I mixed up some 3000 all weather Epoxy and sealed all the Riveted connections. Then I applied polyurethane to the inside and outside of the boxes. After that I cut "Stiffener" sections out of .025 in. sheet aluminum and applied these to the outsides of the Glove boxes using spray contact cement. The boxes are a little heavier but are now significantly stronger.

I also made Red vinyl liners for the bottom of each glove box, cut to fit and installed using some Velcro strips. The red looks good now but will have to re-evaluate when installed in the car. If they look Hokey I can always remove and make up a set of black ones.

March 30, 2012

I got the car back from ACS today. It is running just fine. The engine is SWEET! Drive train is solid, shifts fine and no funny noises. Suspension is great. ACS did a real nice 4-wheel laser alignment and the car came in true to all original specifications. Time to get to the interior.

I'm a little disappointed in the gauges - The Tach is not functioning and the Speedo is a little jumpy. Also no response from the temp. or fuel gauge.