January 2013

January 26, 2013

I finally got around to installing the gauges (it's been too cold to work on the car). I decided to install a new drive cable for both the Speedo and Tach. The Speedo is in but the drive cable is not yet connected to the tranny - will need a lift (at ACS) to get this done. The Tach is another story - it did not work when I hooked it up! Sent it back to Palo Alto and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

I've been keeping the car warm in the garage and running the car around the drive way once in a while to keep it moving. The roads here are literally saturated with salt from truck salt/sanding treatment because of all the snow and ice we've been getting. It has been very cold. It will be awhile until the spring rains come and wash the roads so for the next couple of months the little guy will be a "Driveway Driver" only - then back into the garage.

The car actually had its picture (of the new interior) published in "Spitfire & GT6" magazine this month. It is in issue #43 on page 13. An exterior picture has also been posted on the Spitfire & GT6 website. Pretty cool!