May 2012

May 23, 2012

Received the new Coco mats today. They came out very nice with a good fit and excellent quality. I think that the Black with Red-Dot color scheme is just right for this car. The clutch petal bottoms out on the mat because of the carpet underneath - it does not seem to affect the clutch at all but it does feel a little funny so I think I'll trim the carpet back under the petals to give a little more stroke to the clutch.

I'm going to send the car back in to ACS for round 2. They are going to install the new Headliner and also a new Windshield gasket and trim set (I bought this from Victoria British). When replacing the headliner they are going to install some "B-Quiet" sound deadening material.

I've been driving the car a lot on the back roads (about 400 miles) over the last month. The Tach is still not working but didn't think much of it until I finally took the car out on the highway. I was riding south on Route 3 Headed to Cape Cod and wanted to see what it felt like at higher speeds. Well, I got running with highway traffic and found that the engine was revving very high and that the speedo was going haywire (readings all over the place). I suspect that this car has either a 3:89 rear end from an overdrive car or someone put some high ratio gears in for better acceleration. I'm going to have ACS investigate this and then decide what to do.

ACS is also going to flush and replace all the fluids and oil filter (oil, tranny and Diff. as well as coolant). I figure that the car had sat for a long time before I got it and even though ACS changed all the fluids back in round 1 it would be a good idea to do it again, just as a precaution. I bought all "BP" fluids from the Roadster Factory for this change.

I'm very interested in the Rear end story but I'm off to Australia for a vacation so good bye GT6 for a while!!!