November 2011

November 1, 2011

Stopped by ACS today. They have the entire top end of the engine apart. The valves, push rods, Cam, rockers and Cylinders look very good. Scott took some measurements and said that no machinist work is needed. That’s a relief.

They are going to clean up the manifolds and are expecting the gaskets to arrive tomorrow. Scott said it is just a matter of reassembly at this point.

He showed me where the head gasket was failing. It was just starting to delaminate at the back end of the engine by piston #6. I’m sure that this was the correct decision as leaks never seem to get better and there was also a broken stud in the intake manifold mounting that may have been causing a vacuum leak. They have put in a new stud to remedy this.

November 8, 2011

Well, ACS has the engine back together. They painted all the remaining components while the head was off (ie. both manifolds, t-stat housing, etc). Decided to replace the clutch slave cylinder with a new one - just as a precaution, seems to make sense while everything is apart.

Had the starter motor rebuilt (it was sounding a little strange) and ordered a new set of bushings/washers for the shift linkage.

The exhaust is on the car!!! Nothing too fancy just a stock replacement but all Stainless Steel with some nice polished tail pipes. Looks original and sounds really nice.

Scott has adjusted the valves and is putting a final tune on the car. He is setting the ignition timing and adjusting the carbs. He has replaced the fuel lines in the engine bay and replaced the vacuum lines.

Just waiting on the transmission linkage bushing kit (back-ordered) and then it is ready to go to the interior replacement phase.

November 22, 2011

Good news and bad news a few days ago. The car is running perfectly. The engine is about as sweet as it gets but I’ve got a little rust in the gas tank and this is carrying through to the fuel filter. I asked the ACS guys what they thought and we all concluded that the best repair is pull the tank and give it a complete cleaning then seal the inside with some high tech sealer (can’t remember the trade name for the product but the ACS guys have had good success with it). Also clean up and test of the level sending unit went well, it is in good shape.

We figured that while we are in the rear end might as well pull the Differential and suspension and brakes and go through the entire deal. All new bushings, seals, Rotoflex, bearings etc. ACS is also going to clean up and paint everything and also put in a new set of Performance Shocks – either Koni, SPAX or KYB.

They will do an alignment after the repairs are complete – here we go again!!!

Scott inspected the differential gears and fortunately they are in very good shape – good news.