December 2011

December 14, 2011

We decided that the best thing to do, now that the rear end is done, is to finish off the front end and then tune/align the entire car/suspension. I ordered a complete, urethane, bushing, trunion, ball joint, boot, bolts, etc. kit from “The Roadster Factory” (as well as wheel bearings). It was on sale and now ACS has everything they need to redo the entire front end. ACS will also do any front brake work needed and clean and paint the front suspension components.

Scott is still evaluating the best shocks to install.

When the front end is complete that will be just about it for the drive train. We have been through the entire train from stem to stern and have replaced everything that needed replacing and a lot of things that did not (but we were into it and figured that while things were apart that we should bite the bullet).