July 2011

June 24 - July 4, 2011

Continued with the wiring harness. All connections (Except Bullets) are crimped, then soldered and covered with shrink wrap. Fixing many little things as I find them. Replaced the Reverse switch while every thing is open.

Took the shift linkage out to get to the reverse switch so I tightened things up and replaced bushings. Seemed like much tighter linkage after I reinstalled.

Ordered new Head Lamp Bucket / Bracket assemblys. The old ones had seen better days.

July 11 - 24, 2011

It's been hot as a fire-cracker and humid as a rain forest so I’ve been going slowly. I keep the garage dehumidified to 50% but the heat has been miserable. Still I’ve managed a few things:

  • Installed the new 3adjuster type Head Lamp buckets
  • Finished installing radiator and all new hoses/clamps
  • Continued along on the wiring
  • Replaced all wind screen squirter tubing, re-tightened the squirt nozzles.
  • Removed and refinished rocker cover. Used 2000 degree primer and paint. Had to “Cook In” – used the gas grill for this. I bunged it up in one small area otherwise it looks great.
  • Cleaned and painted the air filter case. Used 500 degree engine primer and paint. Did not have to cook.
  • Installed new “Hella” horns. The after market wheel I have is going to get replaced at some point so I plan to wire the horn to a switch that I’m going to mount where the radio used to be installed. I plan to put the new sound system installed in the occasional seat area under the shelf. I’ve installed a veneer piece same as that used on the dash in the radio bracket space. I’m going to mount the hazard switch here as well. I’ve installed an original Hazard rocker switch in the original spot on the dash but did not wire this up. It is for looks only as the original rocket switches used for the hazards always were the root of problems with the turn signals.