October 2012

October 5, 2012

Got the bonnet reset - its not perfect but its fine. I figure I'll have it removed when I get the car in for a new paint job and then set professionally, but for daily driving it is fine.

The paint has come back pretty well. I spent a lot of time polishing it with a very fine compound and then fixing the paint chips with the Dr. Colorchip paint. The red is not an exact match for the car but it is close and the car has since taken a couple of coats of wax and , where it had been a 20 / 20 (perfect from 20 feet or at 20 MPH) I'd now call it a 10 / 10 !!!

The front valence looks O.K. in Black but will go back to red when the car hits the paint booth.

ACS ordered a new set of Michelins and they should go on the car next week. I can't wait to take it for a spin with new wheels and sneakers! The autumn will be over here in New England in about a month so time to start planning winter activities. I'd like to get the Tach and Speedo taken care of and then the drivers side glove box.

October 25, 2012

Big storm coming to New England so I brought the car over to ACS today (a few days early). They have mounted a set of Michelin Defenders (175-70-13) on the new MiniLites. These should be a good overall tire for the way I drive the car. They look great - can't wait to see them on the car.

They are also going to replace the gasket for the hatchback window - it has some dry rot in it and the trim piece is shot. They are also going to machine some new guide bushings for the throttle connecting rod. It is a little sloppy and this should make the linkage more responsive.