January 2014

January 1, 2014

2014 is Here!!

Well 2014 arrives with the GT6 over at ACS racing for some improvements and maintenance. Scott from ACS is currently installing an auxiliary (electric) cooling fan. While I never drive the car on hot days I wanted to add this feature to allow the engine to run a little cooler under normal driving conditions. The plan is to run this fan off a switch on the aux. control panel. It is already wired out using the AdvanceAuto Wire relay panel. I've probably mentioned this a dozen times on the previous log entries.

ACS is also going to change all the fluids, do some engine testing (Dyno & compression). They are going to shim out the doors for a little improvement in alignment, install a new Speedo cable and a bunch of misc. stuff. Will update as progress proceeds.

I'm glad the car is in the shop. It is bitter cold here, lots and lots of snow/ice and the corresponding mountains of salt that go on the roads. Pot Hole season is also in bloom! The little guy is nice and snug at the shop.

Jan 28, 2014

Stopped by ACS today. Scott has the carbs torn down for cleaning and jet adjustments. The cooling fan is in and it is a very nice, compact and neat installation. It's not very noisy at all and I'd be surprised if I'll even hear it while driving. All the fluids have been changed and Al and Scott have dressed up some of my wiring behind the dash. Lots of little improvements made here and there. They plan on giving the front bonnet an alignment to even out all the seams (a little off) and also the height of the lid where it meets the firewall. Looking very good!

There is no way I'm going to be driving this car anytime soon. The roads are completely saturated with salt!