February 2012

Feb. 28, 2012

Stopped by ACS and everything is back together. They still need to do a 4-wheel align but other than that (and some test driving) it looks pretty much good to go.

ACS welded in some gusset plates for the seat mounts. They noticed a few stress cracks in the factory setup and made, what I think, a very nice structural improvement in the seat mounting/ bolting to the floors.

The factory headliner is in tatters and Victoria British is having a sale ($100 for a new Headliner) so I asked ACS to do this while they have the car. My experience is that it takes more than one set of hands to do a Headliner replacement properly and I don’t want to burden a friend with this. Scott and Al thought it would go pretty quickly at the shop.

I’m hoping to have the car home by my first anniversary of ownership (April 1) so that I can start installing the interior and actually DRIVE this thing!!!