September 2012

September 12 - 14, 2012

The car is back and driving like a new car. We did isolate the vibration issue to the wheels and tires. They are pretty old and the wheels look like they have been "Curbed" more than a couple of times. The tires have some (lots of) dry rot so we have decided to condemn the lot. Scott is talking to his tire guy about what is best for this car. I'm thinking something like Mini-Lites for wheels and a new set of 175/70/13 tires - Red-Wall if I can find them.

The interior is done (I just need to add the drivers side shelf but I'm going to wait until I have the tach and speedo refurbished before installing it.

I polished out the paint and ordered some "Dr. Colorchip" to fix the various nicks. I'm guessing that the paint dates back around 30 years but I've decided to keep it as it looks very nice and I don't want to worry about getting a ding in a new paint job. Besides I've got a small fortune into this car already and I'm thinking that I'll paint it for its 50th birthday.

I'm thinking about putting the stereo behind the seats in a custom made "Sound Box". I plan to buy one that will have a remote control. This will happen soon (I hope)!

September 22 & 23, 2012

Put a Radio "Box" Together. Bought a nice JVC radio and some Polk speakers and assembled them in a box that now sits behind the seats on the cargo shelf. It is really nice to drive the car with some music (OR TO LISTEN TO OUR TERRIBLE RED SOX LOOSE YET ANOTHER GAME). The box can be removed easily as all the wiring is contained in the box. Just Power, Ground and antenna are external connections and these have bullet disconnects for quick removal.

Decided to remove the front valence and paint it a satin black. It was pretty scuffed up and I can't find a close match for the Red paint. Also removed the bonnet adjustment bolts (2 bolts each side for horizontal adjustment and 1 bolt each side for vertical(height) adjustment. I used stock size bolts but bought Stainless Steel. I plan on spending a little time to get the bonnet squared up properly and set the clearances as per the shop manual.

The big news today is that I ordered a new set of original Mini-Light wheels "Silver All Over" (size 5.5 x 13) from Midland Wheels in the U.K. I should have these in a week or so then plan to pick a set of 175 / 70 / 13 tires to mount on them. The guys at ACS have a a good tire guy that will help choose a good tire for the car.