April 2012

April 1, 2012

Today is the 1 year anniv. of me taking ownership of the car. Went for a 10 mile ride this A.M. - lots of fun but now back to work.

I installed the new Aux. power panel (for rear De-mister and fog lamps. I located this on the passenger side A-Frame - on the inside. Ran all the wires to the area of their final destination but did not get to the terminations.

Put two coats of "Quiet Car" sound deadening down on all the floor panels and inside the doors. This is a Paint-On application and I think it is the easy way out for both cost and difficulty of installation (as compared to the rubber type stick on matting). I'll let this dry and then finish with a final coat.

Still many things to do but it feels good having the car back.

I think that the guys at ACS racing did a great job ! This last 6 months cost a lot of money but they really took it easy on me and the car is performing very nicely. I'm sure that I've spent too much on this car but it is the car I wanted and I know that all the work done by ACS was top quality. Thanks Scott, Al & Steve!!!

April 11, 2012

Over the past week I've finished with the final coat of Quiet Car and have installed the front carpets, passenger side glove box and finished all the wiring (at last).

I plan to install a new, electric aux. cooling fan. The power wire is already wired out to the radiator and the control switch is wired out at the toggle panel. done with wiring.

Ordered new 3-point seat belts and also a new head-liner. I'm planning to send the car back to ACS for new windshield gaskets and I'll ask them to do the headliner as well. It just looks like it is going to take two sets of hands to get this right and I don't want to ruin a friendship on this.

April 25, 2012

I've finished a number of little things over the last week or so. I bought a used (original) GT6 wheel and jack set. Had a new uniroyal 155/80/13 tire mounted so now I have a spare.

I've got all the carpet in and seat belts - just need the headliner and Wheel arch covers and door panels and the interior is done. It is starting to look like a neat car.

I've put about 100 miles on it - all back roads and every time out it runs a little better, I'm not sure why this is true but I suspect I'm getting used to it and after all that time off the road it is starting to get its legs back. Anyway it runs strong and drives like it is on rails. A lot of fun.