October 2011

October 12, 2011

Great fishing trip with Tim. He is a great Fly-Fisher. Today I placed an order with “The Roadster Factory” for a complete set of carpets. They have an annual sale so I ordered a set of moulded carpets (Black) that are made to order on the original “Firth” tooling in merry old England. Not cheap (at $725.) but a good savings over regular price at about $1000. I’m expecting them in about 6 weeks and I’m hoping that they are as nice as they sound.

In the mean time, I have not heard anything from the mechanics so I’m thinking that no news is good news.

I sent away for a sample set of “B-Quiet” sound deadening material. If this stuff looks good I’ll probably try it. I think I’ll go on the Spitfire & GT6 forum and see if anyone has any experience/advice with this stuff.

October 17, 2011

Went by ACS Racing today. They have made incredible progress!!! Some of the highlights are:

  • Cleaned under carriage and frame down to original paint then applied a very tough spray on undercoating. They said the body and frame are in perfect condition!! It really looks great.
  • New rear oil seal on engine and new seals and gaskets for front end and timing cover.
  • Carbs are rebuilt. Both had lots of gum residues I guess each had enough to fill a thimble. One carb had the wrong air bypass valve in it.
  • Pulled (and cleaned) oil pan and inspected crank shaft – looks good.
  • New seals on tranny and Scott said he could tighten up the shaft linkage so that it will be crisp.
  • Engine ready to be painted. Will stay with Blue.
  • New Stainless steel exhaust is ready to go on.
  • Seals for the differential and ready to go it.
  • Inspection of the transmission gear train shower that it is in great shape with no chipped gears or signs of wear. This is a relief!

Those are the main items but they are fixing all the little “Hacker Jobs” that invariably accumulate in these LBC’s over the years that they uncover as they go. They are taking progress pictures as they go so I’ll have lots to show.

October 26, 2011

Stopped by ACS today. They had everything back together and fired up the engine. It is really running sweet but we noticed a tiny leak in the head gasket. So off will come the head and necessary repairs will be made. Scott said he will bead blast the manifolds and refinish them. If nothing else it will be the prettiest GT6 engine in New England.

On another note I bought a gallon of “Quiet Car” sound deadening paint. The B-Quiet samples came and it looked good but it looked like it would be a real nightmare to remove if it ever came to it so I opted for the liquid Quiet Car stuff. I put 4 coats on the transmission cover. It goes on nicely with a brush and is a nice grayish color. I figure I’ll do the floors as well and probably the Rear deck pieces. I’m not going to go crazy trying to sound proof this car – just hit the spots that are easy to get to.

I’m hoping to have the car back at the house next week. I’ve got to take a $$$$$ break for a while. I’m up over $15,000 already and still want to do the front and rear suspension and get a new paint job. But for now I’ll opt for domestic tranquility.